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Welcome to My-PTR!

My-PTR is a Paid to Read e-mail site (PTR) that offers several earning opportunities. Earn from paid e-mails delivered to your e-mail address or site inbox, clicking on paid banner ads, referring others, promoting purchased affiliate pages and from monthly click contests.

Affiliate Pages are currently paying 20 cents per thousand views.

Special PTP for paid upgraded members is available at 10 cents per thousand views.

My-PTR has one referral level at 10%. If your referral has $1 in personal earnings, you receive $0.10. There is a 0% activity requirement to earn from your referrals as long as your account is active.

PayPal, PayZa and Serve minimum payment is $5.00. Check minimum is $10.00 with a $0.50 fee (US Only).

Free Upgrade until 1000 Active Members have Joined!

My-PTR has a 90 day activity requirement. An active account has one log in every 90 days. Exceptions are accounts set on vacation and upgraded accounts, which require one log in a year in order to remain active and earn from referrals.

Paid to Promote (PTP) and Search E-mails are opt-in.

Users from all countries EXCEPT for the following countries are allowed to join My-PTR:
Angola, Burma, Cote d'Ivoire, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria, Western Balkans (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia (including Kosovo), and Zimbabwe.

China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, Poland, India, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia

All members that join agree to the site terms. Included in these terms are no proxy sign ups or logins, no bot or auto clicking software usage and no falsifying of information.


My-PTR offers a wide range of advertising options

Target your ads to the countries and keywords of your choice. PTP and Search E-mails are opt in for members of My-PTR.

My-PTR uses the most recent IP database.

For a list of sites that have approved My-PTR, please see the PTP Approved At list to the right.

Ad options include E-mails, Paid to Click, Banner Impressions, Sign Ups and Site Side Links. See our advertising prices!


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